Candid, Unposed and Completely Relaxed--Exactly How A Family Photo Session Should Be

Over the summer,  I finally had a chance to do a family session with one of my long time friends.  I've known her since 2nd grade, so when I say 'long time',  I really mean it.   I moved away ages ago, but whenever I go back home, we always try to arrange a visit so we can catch up.   When I asked her if I could come over and take some pictures of her family just relaxing at home, she jumped at the chance and was so excited that I had asked.   The fact that she likes my images makes me even more proud than normal because she's an AMAZING artist and is so super talented and I respect her opinion so much.   They have a crazy schedule with 3 boys in that tween-teen range and they're all involved in multiple after school activities, but I was lucky to catch them all at home one Friday evening.  It was a great session and everyone relaxed and made pizza and played some soccer in the backyard.  Then I put the camera down, imbibed in a perfect selection of wine from their amazing bar, and enjoyed their comfortable company.