Hartford County Photographer | 100 Days of Thankful | Mini Project

From time to time, I like to get in over my head and start projects that I know I'll never finish.  No, scratch that--doesn't sound good or professional.  It's true though.  I start these little personal projects and somewhere in the middle, after the fun and fresh wears off, I get bored and run out of inspiration.  I have an awful track record.  I'm hoping that doesn't happen with this one.  It's a mini daily project that started on August 15th--which was exactly 100 days til Thanksgiving.  I'd like to take credit for coming up with it, but alas, I cannot.  It was a friend of a friend who introduced me to her idea and I really liked it.    Instead of the usual "Thirty Days of Thankfulness" in November--like everyone always does--she decided she needed a little extra dose of "hey, there's a lot of good in the world" and will post something from Aug 15 until Thanksgiving--100 days in all.    In the midst of this election season and all the other awful stuff that's been going out there just past my front doors, I NEED that reminder.  There are tiny little moments and events that happen every day that get overlooked in my/our rush to be more and do more and get this and get that.   So I've included things like, a new coffee mug, an evening with my daughter, my kids love of arts and crafts, and even breakfast cereal.  Lots of little things that add up to a great life.  :-)   From now, til Thanksgiving, I'll be reminding myself of all the little things I love.

I've been posting almost every day on Facebook and Insta, but I thought I'd clarify the project a little here and add some of the images I've taken so far.    Feel free to play along--if you're on IG, use the hashtag #bc100daysofthanks and join the community!!

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