Welcoming Rosalie | Annapolis Family Photographer | Fresh 48

Every time I have one of these Fresh 48 sessions, I walk out on such a high.  I really do think they are my absolute favorite type of sessions.  There's something about a brand new baby that can make everything in the world seem right.  I've had two of these little creatures myself, and when I have a session with a first time mom, I get to relive those first panic stricken moments.  There's a mixture of pure joy, pure exhaustion, and pure cluelessness in the room that you just can't find anywhere else!  

Now the seasoned moms, it's a whole different story.  Watching a mom who's Been There/Done That is awe inspiring.  Even though she's exhausted, she's confident and in control.  She knows what she's doing and there's no hesitation in any of her actions.  

That's the case with my latest Fresh 48 session.  This new little girl is mom's fourth baby!   You can tell by watching her that she's a total PRO.   The siblings came to meet their new sister and there was such excitement and absolute love pouring from each child.  You could actually feel it in the room.  Baby Rosie is such a lucky baby.  She couldn't have picked a better family to have joined.  

It was such an honor to document such special moments for this family.  I'm so happy I was able to be there to do this for them.  

You only get to experience your baby's first day once.    If I can be there to help you preserve the memories of that  special day,  please let me know.