Project 365 | Annapolis Family Photographer | Personal Shooting

The best way I know to keep improving my craft is to shoot A LOT.  It's not enough to read and search out editing tutorials on YouTube.  I need to get out there and DO.  With that in mind, I've made a true effort this year to shoot daily.  Knowing that I 'need' to take a picture each day helps to keep me looking for interesting subjects and pretty light.  I'm two months into the project now and I thought I'd share the weekly collages I've been doing of my day to day photos.  Some I'd consider good, some are ok, and some are downright blah.  But, I need to keep in mind that the purpose of this exercise isn't to produce wall worthy art each day, but to always have my eyes open for the beauty that's all around me.  


here are week 8 images for this year's Project 365.  These were all taken during our week vacation in Florida!

That bottom right image with the kids and the seagulls?   I loved it so much I turned it into a ginormous metallic print and it's now hanging in between the kids' rooms.  I hope that every time they walk by it they remember how much fun they had that day.  


Some weeks it's easy to get myself to pick up the camera and other times, well...not so much.  But I've found that even if (ok, WHEN) I 'fail' at my daily shooting, if I give myself some grace, it makes it that much easier to just continue on.  No one is perfect and on the days when I just CAN'T pick up the camera or I get an exceptionally horrible day's worth of shots--no big deal.  Just keep swimming.  I still average WAY more keepers and more moments captured than if I'd never picked up the camera at all or got completely discouraged with myself and just quit.  


so I came up a bit short for this week's images.  Just keep on swimming....
here are some images taken specifically for a workshop I'm taking.  always looking to improve my skills you know!   I'm taking Summer Murdock's Magic of Light.  It's a darn good workshop!