Harford County Photographer | Why You Shouldn't Wait to Book A Day in the Life Session

You’ve probably noticed that your social media feeds are filled with people urging us to ‘stay present and in the moment’ with our families.  People reminding us to put down our phones and pay attention to what’s important.  One way to make sure you capture all the little details of your family’s ‘right now’ is by booking a Day in the Life family photo session with a documentary photographer.

Here are just 3 of the many reasons why you shouldn’t wait to book a session.

1.  There’s no stress!

Think back to your last family photo session.  The stress over the outfits, your hair and the inevitable meltdowns.  Your husband looking at his watch and mumbling something about the football game.  By the time it was over you needed a stiff drink and a day at the spa.  None of that happens in a documentary session. The greatest thing about documentary DITL sessions is that there are no rules for how you ‘should be’.  You just ARE.  It’s a normal day at home for your family, but with a photographer there to capture all the details.   If you just want to be comfy in your yoga pants and play “babies” with your youngest while your husband and son are out working on the car it’s not a problem.   You get real pictures of your family doing real things. Real laughs and real love captured forever.  And it’s FUN!

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2.  It’s an important piece of your family’s history.

I cannot stress this one enough.  Your children will be able to sit with their children and talk about each of the photos in your DITL session book, showing them how much love you had for each other.   Your children will be able to show their children what their rooms looked like when they were little and which toys were their favorites.  We can all appreciate and enjoy the beautiful family portraits that are so popular right now, but they can never tell your family’s story in the way a documentary session will be able to.

A little girl in her bedroom in Bel Air MD.  Family photography in Baltimore, Annapolis and Harford County Maryland.


3.  You don’t need to live in a Pottery Barn catalog.

“But my house is a mess, I’d have to clean for a month.”  That’s probably not true and even if it were, it doesn’t matter.   Documentary photographers have a knack for making even the biggest messes seem like art.  Your home is almost like another member of your family and it provides the backdrop for your life. There’s no better place to take family photos.  It’s where you all feel comfortable and relaxed and can be yourselves.  One day the clutter and the kids will be gone.  One day you’ll wish you could go back and do it again.  Pictures can help take you back.

a messy room can be beautiful in a Day in the Life Photo Session.  Annapolis, Baltimore and Harford County Family Photography.  Candid photos in your own home.

Don’t wait until you lose that last 10 pounds, or until after your kitchen gets remodeled.  The most important days of your life are happening today.  Have a photographer show you how beautiful your every day life can be by booking a Day in the Life family  photo session.