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It's time for our monthly blog circle!  This month's theme is "chores".  Once again, I needed to put a different spin on what I think our circle leader had in mind.  See, my kids really don't do chores.  I know, I know....they should.  And they will.  We keep trying to institute a 'chore chart' with magnets and all kinds of fun incentives and all that, but it just hasn't happened yet.  The chores they do actually do are so boring--putting shoes and toys away, putting dirty laundry in the basket, clearing the dinner table--I couldn't figure out a way to document them without putting myself and anyone who happens to follow this blog circle to sleep.

Instead, I decided to document a chore of **mine**.  Every couple of weekends I need to motivate myself to do some hefty meal planning and freezer meal cooking.  I call it a chore only because I really don't ever feel like doing it.  I'd much rather be napping.  But I totally realize how much easier it makes my life on a daily basis, having planned out and shopped for and cooked several meals ahead for the week.   So I remind myself of this fact and get up off my butt for some freezer meal cooking.   On the menu for today was a double batch of Chicken Parmesean Meatballs.  I do the making and baking ahead of time, freeze them and then when we want to eat them, I add the tomato sauce and cheese and pop them in the oven.  Super easy.   So away we go!!   

Please be sure to continue on to Amy's post after you're done here to see how she has captured Chores in her house!  She has an unusual contribution this month so don't miss out!!