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For this month's theme, we decided that "Getting Ready" would be the topic.  I'm pretty sure that the circle leader was thinking 'getting ready for our day', but I had other plans.   Our family is on vacation this week and the preparations needed to get underway or else we'd never get out of the house on time.  Because I work nights, planning well in advance is crucial for maintaining my sanity.  Then it takes a few days to gather everything and make arrangements for all the pets we have.  Such a project.  I really hate all the work that is involved with leaving, but the thoughts of relaxing for a week and seeing my family make it worth it.  

The next link in our Blog Circle is the MEGA talented Jasmine Keath.  You would be crazy not to click on through after you're done with me.  See all her fabulousness for the month here.    

Without further ado....I bring you "Getting Ready".  It starts with THE LIST.

And next comes all the pet stuff.   We usually board our cats with the vet and then have a pet sitter come to take care of our parrots.  Chasing down the cats is always a disaster.  They hate going to the vet and seem to have a sixth sense about the fact that we are leaving soon and they're going to have to go to the 'cat hotel'.   Then I have to leave all of the instructions for the pet sitter and get all the food ready for her.  

And then finally Mister gets the car loaded up as best as he can and we all pile in and get out of town.    Bye!!!!

Don't stop here--continue on to see Jasmine's work.  I promise you won't be sorry that you did.