Blog Circle | Documenting Our Days {Breakfast Time} | Annapolis Family Photographer

I've joined forces with a great group of documentary photographers to do a blog circle!  The general theme for the circle is 'time of day' and each month we are going to document a different time or specific hour, etc. For this first post we decided on "Breakfast Time".  So without further ado--here is my family's breakfast time.   Click here to be taken to the next post of our circle  and see how Amy (of AmyJay Photo) and her family starts off their day!  

I get home from working the nightshift at about 7:30am or so.    This summer I've had the kitchen all to myself for about 1/2 hour while the kids are still sleeping and the Mister is getting ready for work.  One of our cats, Callie, always greets me with whiny meows and then sits and glares at me until I feed her.  

Mister kisses the kids goodbye and then does a final hair check before heading out the door.

The kids finish up their iPad time, get dressed and then head downstairs for breakfast.  My daughter is a Pedisure addict.  If I had known how many bottles of the stuff we'd go through over the years, I would have purchased many shares of the company's stock.  

And after all the kids, cats and birds (I didn't manage to get any good shots of the birds today.  Don't worry, I'm sure they'll have an appearance one of these days.) all the dishes end up in the sink.  Where they'll stay, no doubt, until dinner time.  

Dishes in the sink during an in home family documentary photo session near Annapolis, Maryland.

I hope you enjoyed this little peek of our morning!