Handle Your Camera Like a Boss

Congratulations!!  Santa brought you exactly what you wanted this year!  A brand new fancy pants DSLR camera with all the latest bells and whistles.  And just in time too--your old point and shoot has been on its last legs for ages now.  You’ve fantasized about being the next Annie Liebovitz or Ansel Adams and now, with your new gear, that dream is about to happen.  All you need to do is just unbox your new toy and click away.  That expensive camera is going to take some AH-mazing pictures and you’ll be famous in no time.  

(Cue the record scratch noise.)

Uh, not exactly.  First you need to learn how to use this new bad boy.   And I don’t mean put that little dial on the “A” mode and shoot away.  I mean really learn how to use it.    Just like having a high end 8 burner Viking Range in your kitchen doesn’t necessarily make you a master chef, owning an expensive camera is not necessarily going make you a fantastic photographer. You have to know at least a little bit about how to use it in order to get some good photos.  I can hear you now, “but it’s so complicated!  All those dials and buttons!”.

Because I cannot stand the thought of you walking around with your dslr stuck on auto mode for the rest of your life, I’ve put together a little educational series on how to use your latest gadget.  If you stick with me on this, I promise you’ll get more out of your camera than you thought possible.  While I sort of doubt you’ll be asked to do the photos for Brad and Angie’s next big bash, I know for sure you’ll start to get better pictures of your family and all the things that are important to you.  

Things we’ll cover in this series:

  1. what makes your new camera different than your old one--DSLR vs. Point and Shoot

  2. how your camera thinks--The Exposure Triangle (for Dummies)

  3. oh--so that’s what that button’s for--Exploring the different modes on your camera.

  4. they’re how much???--Introduction to the must have lenses for your collection.

We’re just dipping our toes in the pool with these little lessons.  There’s LOTS more to learn if you’re interested.  If you think you might be ready for heavier information, I encourage you to inquire about my "Mom With A Camera" Workshop.  I’m only running it for ‘in person’ groups right now, but if there’s enough interest, I may put together an ebook or online workshop for some long distance learning.   

Don’t miss a blog post in the series--sign up for emails here on my contact page or in the right hand sidebar over there --->.   You’ll also get the latest info on the workshop run dates along with other tips and pointers to keep your newly acquired skills sharp!

Until next time, happy clicking!

Lesson #1 |  How your DSLR is different than your Point & Shoot