Ideas for your family photo session                                                                                       

So you *think* you like this idea of documentary photography, but still aren't convinced you have an 'exciting enough' life....   Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing and get you inspired to help create a session that is uniquely you!

A Day In The Life--I follow you around for the WHOLE DAY and document it all.   (Or we can do just a few hours--I'm totally flexible--no pressure!)  It's a huge undertaking but it's SO awesome!!  If we do this annually, you can look back each year to see how much has changed (or how much has stayed the same) in your lives.   

Before 8--what goes on in your house in the mornings?  Things like making breakfast, getting dressed, getting teeth brushed, letting the dog out, looking for lost homework, "I can't find my shoe" moments,  running to the bus stop, loading up the car...  Documenting your average work or school day morning makes a great memory. 

After School--what happens after everyone gets home from school and work?  Let's get some images from the other super hectic time of the day.  We can photograph you making dinner, everyone eating dinner together as a family, and the the rush of  getting homework done, getting ready for bed, and story time.

Saturday Mornings--what does a typical weekend morning look like for your family?  Do you make pancakes from scratch?  Do you run around looking for various pieces of sporting equipment and uniforms and rush out the door?  Is it your time to get chores done?   Lots of families enjoy a more leisurely time together and have some fun.  Are you one of them?

Saturday Night Family Time--dinner, games, bath time, movies...  Maybe you and your spouse enjoy some quiet time after the kids are in bed.   This is a great time to capture some relaxed family interactions and fun.

Afternoon in the Park--do your kids have a favorite park that they beg to go to each week?  Pack a picnic lunch and we'll head over there to capture the action!  This is really great to document if you have a place that's special to you and your kids.

Just before the new baby--the last time with just the 2, 3, or 4 of you.   Getting the nursery prepared, looking at new baby clothes, just enjoying your last bits of peace and quiet before the excitement and exhaustion of the new addition arrives would be a special time to document. 

Holiday sessions--baking Christmas cookies, finding your Christmas tree, decorating the tree or other special traditions are fantastic moments to  get on film.  


These are just a few ideas to get you thinking about what you might want to have documented.   The possibilities are, of course, infinite.  Let's get to brainstorming  for YOUR unique session!!!!