Day in the Life Family Photo Sessions

Day in the Life Sessions are an INCREDIBLE way to really preserve what your life is like in exactly this moment in time.   The more of these I do, the more I appreciate them as the wonderful little time capsules they are.   As a parent, you're always on the lookout for the kids' firsts; tooth fairy visit, riding a two-wheeler, first day of school...  But the lasts??  The lasts are the ones that sneak up on you and you don't even know it.  The paci you thought your son would never, ever give up?  Ya, no--it's gone.  Just like that.  And you don't even know when it happened.  Good thing I was there to take that picture of him clutching it like a life preserver.    Time goes on and one day you realize that your daughter hasn't asked you to check under her bed for monsters lately.   Good thing I got that one for you too.  These sessions are a lifeline to those most precious of days and those times that nobody told you to look out for.


Please, please, please don't put off booking one of these sessions because you think your house is too messy or that your family is too boring. I'm highly skilled at getting around messes and not making them the focal point of the image.   I'm a mom too, I have my own messes and I know how you feel.  If you do happen to catch a mess or two in your frames, it's there for a reason--it's telling your beautiful story.  Life is not always a Pottery Barn catalog!!!    Does this family look boring to you?  No.  But they didn't do anything special to entertain me--it's just an average, everyday weekend at home with the kids.   And it's beautiful.  Your life is beautiful too.  

You CAN'T let these memories get away from you.   Get in touch to book your family DITL session.  I promise that you will be forever thankful you did.