Camera Boss DSLR Workshop Registration

So excited you can join me for the Camera Boss Workshop!  Please take a minute or two to fill out the registration form.  When I get your information, I'll send an invoice to the email address you provide me.  Once your seat is paid for, you're all set.    After I get everyone's registrations and know how many people to expect,  I can go ahead and book a place to have the workshop.    As soon as I figure that one out, I'll let everyone know.   The preferred time frame is from 9am to 1pm, but it could change slightly depending on where we are meeting.  Again, as soon as I know, I'll let you all know too!   Usually it's at a local library, so don't worry about having to drive forever and then deal with parking.

There are no refunds for this workshop If for some reason you have to cancel at the last minute, your registration fee will be held until the next run of the workshop and you will automatically have a seat reserved for you.   If we can't make a workshop happen for you, I can work with you and give a private lesson or something along those lines.   

The date of this workshop will be Saturday, October 14th at 9 am.    The registration fee is $125 per person.    Register with a friend, and the fee is only $100 per person.  (If you are registering together, I will only invoice the person who completes the registration form.  If you'd like to pay separately, each person should fill out the registration and then let me know in the comments that you are registering together so I can bill you at the discounted rate.)

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