An in person workshop geared toward helping parents in the Annapolis, Maryland and surrounding area learn how to take better photos of their children and families.


Have a fancy pants DSLR but have no idea how it works?  Are you tired of getting blurry pictures of your kids?  Frustrated over that shot you almost had?  Well then you're the perfect candidate for this workshop.   I'll be teaching an entry level, nuts and bolts photography workshop that will have you taking better pictures of your family and friends than you ever thought possible.  

I understand that professional photography is a luxury item that many families have to plan and save for.   Portrait sessions are usually special occasions done once a year and get everyone all looking gorgeous and smiling.  But I'm a firm believer in the fact that there are special moments happening every single day that are just a special, and you'll want to commemorate those little details too!  This workshop, much like my photography,  will concentrate on helping you take the best photos of your every day awesome lives.

During this workshop you'll learn:

  • real life tips for taking better photos of your kids

  • understand how and when to use your camera's different modes--portrait, landscape, night, etc

  • how to figure out what kind of lens to use

  • how to use natural lighting effectively

  • special tips directed at different activities and age groups--ie: sports shots vs. sleeping baby shots

  • introduction to proper exposure

  • introduction to basic composition techniques to make your photos more professional looking

  • advice on where to print your photos (hint--not Walmart)

  • a question and answer session

  • access to a private Facebook group where you can continue to learn, ask questions, and get feedback from me on pictures you post

Registration fee:  $125.00 per person.    But if you sign up with a friend, you each get $25 dollars off,  making the cost for the workshop, materials and student workbook only $100.  

Class size will be limited so that I have a chance to give everyone individual attention (and also because I have a fear of speaking in front of large crowds).  

***You NEED to have a DSLR camera-- point and shoots won't have most of the capabilities and features you'll be learning about.   Brand of camera doesn't matter;  most people own either Nikon or Canon but there's also Olympus and Sony too.  




You know what's even MORE fun than a workshop with me?  

A workshop with me and your friends IN YOUR OWN HOUSE!!!!!  Like a Pampered Chef or 31 Party, but with cameras!    If you'd like to host one of these, let me know.  You'll get your registration fee for free if you have a gathering for 3 or more of your friends.   Cameras, some chocolate, maybe a glass or three of wine...a great time with friends....what could be better???  If this sounds like something you'd enjoy,  fill out that form down there, mention you'd like an in home workshop in the comment section, and we'll work out the details!



If you're serious about finally figuring out how to use your expensive paperweight--er, camera--then fill out this quick form and I'll be in touch with more of the details!

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If you're really itching to get your learnin' on, check out these blog posts.  They're all about how your camera works.